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Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Product Line Launch , , , , , ,

For this project we provided:

  • 3D rendered product imagery
  • Amazon brand presence strategy, deployment and management
  • Video ad creative
  • Amazon advertising management
  • Facebook advertising management
  • Google Display advertising management

Meet Platin Audio

We recently helped Platin Audio launch their Platin Monaco line of wireless 3.1 and 5.1 surround sound speakers for home theaters.

Our Advertising Strategy

Except for certain specialized circumstances, it’s very difficult to launch a new brand on Amazon using solely on-site Amazon advertising. It also requires some measure of building brand awareness, demand creation and promotion outside of Amazon. The purpose of Amazon ads is to close the sale, and since Amazon ads are at the point of sale, conversion rates are high. But unless you’re taking the approach of offering a commodity product at a price that’s significantly lower than established brands, your Amazon ads will not meet their performance potential.

We addressed this by running campaigns on Facebook, Google display, and Amazon. Using creatives provided by Marketing By Design alongside our own video content, we used Facebook targeting for “top of funnel” ads to build awareness and drive traffic to the client’s site prior to launch. Post-launch, we kicked off mid-funnel remarketing campaigns on Facebook as well as mid-funnel and bottom-funnel remarketing and in-market audience targeting for Google display ads. We also launched Amazon campaigns (Sponsored Brands, Sponsored Products and Sponsored Display) which delivered a ROAS that exceeded targets.

Brand Building on Amazon

Amazon advertising simply cannot be effective without high quality brand and product content. This is a common mistake made by startups; they try launching a product line with basic product page content, with a plan of launching ad campaigns, and then improving their content once they’ve begun to generate sales revenue. This often results in low conversion rates and wasted ad spend. We like to say that Amazon shoppers have a very low tolerance for content that looks like it was produced by well-meaning amateurs.

Marketing By Design took our product renderings and built a brand identity essentially from the ground up, with class-leading Amazon Store and product page content:

Keys to a Successful Brand Launch on Amazon

  • Build your brand assets first. This means performing competitive analysis and having the discipline to create appealing, professional-grade content that’s equal or better to the competition.
  • Understand the latest best practices. If you haven’t built Amazon product content in the last year, be ready for a change. Amazon is constantly improving its tools for publishing Store and product page content. New A+ modules, like the Specifications block, make content look better than ever.
  • Determine a demand-building plan that will run outside of Amazon. Great-looking content is just the start and many customers will be hesitant to purchase your brand instead of a brand with which they’re already familiar. This can include any combination of earned, paid, shared, and owned media, as long as you have something in place that will either drive your customers to Amazon, encourage customers to search for your brand on Amazon, or at least recognize your brand when they see it.