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The importance of Amazon hero image quality: a quick case study , ,

One of the fundamental rules of Amazon advertising is not to to invest money in ads until your product page content is as good as it can be. To prove a point, we deliberately broke that rule.

Read any beginner’s guide to selling on Amazon, and one of the first things covered will be the importance of professional-quality hero and carousel images. For established brands, this isn’t an issue, but for beginners, there’s the temptation to simply take photos with your phone for the purposes of launching your store.

ZutBe, a maker of premium-quality mobile accessories with a mission of supporting social causes, came to us with a set of hero and carousel images which had been taken by phone:

We performed some cleanup work on the hero image, removing the hard shadows and otherwise bringing it on par with competitors’ imagery. The rest of the carousel images had their own issues, including non-standard image sizes and copy that wasn’t easily readable on mobile phones.

The quality of a product’s hero image, and the quality of the carousel images, serve two distinct purposes. It’s the hero image that customers see in advertising and search results, and it’s the biggest motivator for clicking through to the product page. But once they click on that image and get to the product page, it’s the carousel images that help convert it to a sale.

Here’s the updated carousel image set:

Testing the hero image

Before we updated the carousel for the product, we first did a small advertising test. The general rule is to never invest in advertising for a product where the merchandising isn’t as good as it can be, but with the client’s permission, we ran a Sponsored Products campaign for a week to gather baseline data.

As expected, the campaign did not perform well; the click-through was so poor that the ad did not generate enough traffic to the landing page to allow for a reasonable chance of a sale.

Our first campaign with the new imagery

Once we had the new imagery in place and made some additional optimizations for SEO and content clarity, we ran a Sponsored Sponsored Product campaign, Sponsored Display campaign, and a Sponsored Brands campaign.

Just updating your product’s hero images can make all the difference.

After one week, the results were clear. The Sponsored Display had a 100% increase in click-through rate. The Sponsored Brands campaign had a 2.75x improvement in click-through rate, and the Sponsored Products campaign had a 5x increase in click-through — all while hitting ROAS guidelines.

This was entirely due to the improvements to the hero image. We weren’t surprised, but it was great to be able to show the client that their investment showed immediate results.

What to know

  • If you’ve already launched your products, and they’re just not hitting your sales targets, it might not be your product pages. If your hero images aren’t best in class, customers probably aren’t clicking on them at all.
  • If you’re new to Amazon, it’s best to resist the temptation to launch with a “starter” set of images taken by an amateur photographer with a phone. You’ll only end up having to redo them.
  • High quality product imagery (whether it’s rendered or photographed) probably doesn’t require as much of an investment as you might think. Talk to us at, call us at +1-408-676-7275, or use our contact form and we’ll help you get started.