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Questions and answers about working with us to improve your Amazon performance ,

We already have our own creative team. Would we need to work with yours?

Not at all. While we’re a full service marketing agency with a great team of copywriters, designers, product imaging experts and video producers, you might already have a team you like. We’re happy to focus on just strategic guidance, or work with you to fill gaps in your team’s coverage.

If you’re outsourcing your graphic design to somebody else and you’re not happy with the work when you compare it to other brands’ work on Amazon, it’s probably not an issue of your design team’s skill… they may just need more detailed direction with a focus on producing better work than the competition.

What if we’re a startup brand, and the current competition on Amazon simply has a larger budget than us?

This is rarely an issue. The successful strategy is to focus on the areas where you can beat them. For instance, if your competition has a set of how-to videos with production values that you can’t match with your current budget, it’s better to focus on the things you can do great right now, rather than trying to make do with a lower quality video.

And, on the subject of videos, it’s not just about budget. It’s about understanding what the customer wants to get out of your video. Big-budget production values are nice, but what’s more important to the customer is seeing your product, and how it works. There are lots of ways of producing attractive, effective video on a small budget.

How do you define success when working with a brand on Amazon? What are the metrics and KPIs?

It’s not just one measurement. It’s all of them.

Ultimately, it’s the page conversion rate… is your product detail page good at convincing customers to buy? But, a product detail page with a high conversion rate isn’t very useful if it’s not getting traffic. You need an offer that will encourage customers to click, and you need to make use of search optimization and advertising to make sure that the right shoppers see your offer. We work on ALL these things.

Can you work with any budget?

Our customers range from multinational brands that need help with their Amazon performance, to smaller brands that maintain both Amazon and Direct-to-Consumer channels, to startups which sell exclusively via Amazon. We don’t require long-term contracts, and we can work on either a retainer or on an ad hoc, a la carte basis… whatever works best for your brand.

Do you simply farm out work to offshore freelancers? Couldn’t I just do that myself?

All work is performed by our dedicated team.

What product categories do you work with?

We work with a wide range of clients in consumer electronics, consumer packaged goods, health and beauty, apparel, and more. The key secrets to success on Amazon (respect your customer, understand your competition, tell clear, engaging stories, and focus on results) apply to any product category.

You like to start by offering a free Amazon brand presence audit. What does that entail?

It’s usually a deck with about ten to 15 slides that covers the entirety of a brand’s Amazon footprint, including asset quality, clarity of messaging, breadth of content, performance vs. the competition, and overall effectiveness. These audits are usually a mix of issues that the brand already knew about, as well as some insight into things that the brand owner may not have thought of, or missed completely.

These audits contain a significant amount of recommended tactics that the brand owner can do themselves. They’re a good way for you to see if we’re aligned on your strengths and weaknesses, and if we’d be a good fit for helping you do better on Amazon.