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Putting the sexy back in phone cables , , , ,

When we created a set of Amazon carousel images for zutBe’s new line of USB-C charging cables, we seized the opportunity to do something better than the standard set by other brands in the category. Most brands rely heavily on product-on-white imagery, or use studio-style setups. For zutBe, we placed the product in a variety of real-world environments, using a variety of surfaces and naturalistic lighting.

The result is a set of images that really show off the details of these premium-grade cables, and show the customer how they’ll look in the wild.

Most Amazon carousel images are square, but this is not a requirement. For this product, we used a 1:1.2 aspect ratio. By going just a little taller than the standard square, the images make better use of phone screens, and they still look great on desktops.

The new cable line is available in two colors, and two configurations: USB-C to USB-C, and USB-C to Lightning. Here’s a selection of the product images we created.

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