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As the agency of record for Adaptive Sound Technologies, we owned the launch of their latest sleep sound machine for kids, LectroFan Alpha. The result was the brand’s most successful launch in history, breaking previous records for unit sales in the first month.

Yes, we did everything you see here.

Logo and Product ID

Our team designed the logo, and used pre-visualization rendering to help define the color scheme, logo placement, and even the speaker hole pattern.


Working with a die line provided by the client, we created the packaging artwork, including imagery, illustrations, and copy in English and French. We also produced the bilingual quick start guide, providing illustrations and copy.

Introductory Video

Quick how-to videos are an indispensable tool. They’re a resource for customers who’d prefer to watch a video then read a Quick Start Guide, and they’re also great for pre-sale merchandising.

To help keep costs down, we made use of a set of still images to tell the story. We also had a bit of fun with the script, telling the story from the point of view of a user of the product.

We created a new set of product images for the video which we reused for merchandising. We managed the entire process, from concept to scripting to post-production.

Amazon Merchandising and Advertising

As we approached the launch date, one of the final steps was building the Amazon merchandising, including an SEO-optimized title and bullets, carousel images, A+ content, and updates to their Amazon Store. Along the way, we created additional imagery which was a mix of completely rendered scenes and composites of photography and rendering.

Social Media Campaign

Partnering with Surkus, we got LectroFan Alpha into the hands of influencers who fit the demographic of parents with children under six years of age. By choosing popular content creators who were ready to use the product, we got some great content and genuine recommendations.