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Driving Amazon performance for La Costeña and Jumex , , , ,

When the US division of the La Costeña and Jumex brands came to us for help with their Amazon performance, we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve been fans of their chipotle peppers and pineapple-coconut nectar for years. And in less than three months we’ve driven remarkable, unprecedented sales growth for these popular brands.

We accomplished this by first performing a complete audit of their Amazon product catalog of 150+ ASINs and developing a plan for significantly improving the customer experience.

Our work on the La Costeña and Jumex product detail pages includes:

  • Rewriting titles, bullets, and product descriptions for readability, consistency, and SEO
  • Updating product carousels to remove older, lower quality images and standardize formatting
  • Developing new A+ content and increasing A+ content coverage by 400%
  • Expanding A+ content to Spanish

Improving the customer experience drove significant growth in glance views, conversion rates, and, of course, sales. Once we brought the majority of their product pages to retail-ready standard, we launched CPC campaigns for multiple product lines, combined with new Amazon Stores for both product lines, using the Amazon Vine program to build reviews for newer products, leveraging Amazon Posts, running product promotions and taking advantage of the Amazon Born to Run program to improve product availability. This has resulted in another significant sales boost, and through our process of planning, testing, and adjusting content and targeting, we’ve helped La Costeña and Jumex meet Amazon’s category ROAS target for high-performing brands after just four weeks.

Jumex is now one of the top Hispanic food brands on Amazon, and several La Costeña product lines are now top performers in their category. Just a few of the benchmarks achieved in the first 60 days include:

  • #1 Hispanic brand of canned pinto beans, and #3 brand overall
  • #1 Hispanic brand of canned carrots, and #2 brand overall (we’re coming for you next, Del Monte!)
  • #1 canned salsa verde
  • #1 pineapple-coconut nectar

And, we’re just getting started.