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Questions and answers about working with us to improve your Amazon performance


What it’s like partnering with Parker-Lambert on your Amazon performance.

Driving Amazon performance for La Costeña and Jumex

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When the US division of the La Costeña and Jumex brands came to us for help with their Amazon, performance, we couldn’t have been happier. We’ve been fans of their chipotle peppers and pineapple-coconut nectar for years. And in less than three months we’ve driven remarkable, unprecedented sales growth for these popular brands.

Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Product Line Launch

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We recently helped Platin Audio launch their Platin Monaco line of wireless 3.1 and 5.1 surround sound speakers for home theaters.

Do you really have a brand? Review this checklist.

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We work with lots of newer businesses which have a product line, a company logo, and a mission statement, but which do not have a complete brand. That’s completely fine; after all, branding is what we do. But… what is a brand?

LectroFan Alpha Product Launch

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As the agency of record for Adaptive Sound Technologies, we owned the launch of their latest sleep sound machine for kids, LectroFan Alpha. The result was the brand’s most successful launch in history, breaking records for sales in the first month.

Video Ad for Amazon and Social Media

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Here’s a commercial we produced for Adaptive Sound Technologies for an Amazon advertising campaign. We also incorporated it into their Amazon Store and product detail pages, and used it for social media campaigns.