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Canadian travel gear company Totinit is just starting out. When they came to us, all they had was some product photos taken by their team, and that’s it — no carousel images, no A+ content, and no Amazon Store.

They also did not have a large budget. But by using a little creativity and focusing on positioning their product in a crowded marketplace, we were able to produce a complete product detail page to help them get their start.

Our first order of business was to produce a new set of images to replace the photos they had taken themselves with a smartphone. We do most of our product imagery via rendering, but for soft goods, photography can be more cost effective. A product like this deserves both product and lifestyle photography, but given the client’s limited budget, we started with the basics.

We produced a set of “white world” photography and turned it into a set of carousel images that clearly convey the product benefits:

It’s not enough just to make your products available on Amazon. You must clearly convey to customers why your products are unique, and give your brand its own identity. This product category, like many others on Amazon, is populated with a lot of offshore brands which attempt to compete on price alone, with little effort put toward proper brand building. This gave us a great opportunity to craft a story that only Totinit can tell:

  • Most of their products are custom-designed by the company’s founder. He launched Totinit because he travelled a lot and couldn’t find exactly what he wanted, so he solved the problem by designing the products that he would want to buy.
  • In a category filled with offshore brands, Totinit is based in Canada… and Canadians know a thing or two about travel!

All the products designed by the company’s founder began with a sketch, and we used this idea when creating the lead image for the A+ content:

Again, making use of a limited budget, we repurposed our white-world product photography for a set of assets for the A+ content, with a style that’s distinct from the carousel images but which keeps the look on-brand:

Starting from zero and with a limited budget, we created a basic but attractive product page that will help them grow.

And, when the time comes, we’ll be working with them on lifestyle photography.

Services Provided

  • Positioning
  • Copywriting
  • Photography
  • Graphic design
  • Carousel and A+ content deployment

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