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Amazon Content for a Sling Bag

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By using a little creativity and focusing on positioning their product in a crowded marketplace, we were able to produce a complete product detail page to help them get their start.

Wireless Surround Sound Speaker Product Line Launch

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We recently helped Platin Audio launch their Platin Monaco line of wireless 3.1 and 5.1 surround sound speakers for home theaters.

Gaming Mouse Commercial


Here’s a commercial we produced for the Cooler Master MM720 gaming mouse. The product is resistant to dust and water, which allowed us to have some fun with the creative process.

PC Gaming Hardware Product Imagery for Mountain.GG

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Here are some of the latest product images we’ve created for Mountain.GG.

You should have a brand presence on Amazon, even if you’re not selling direct to consumers

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If you own a brand but you prefer to have resellers offer your products on Amazon, that’s great. But, you still want to have a brand presence on Amazon, and we’ll explain why.

Do you really have a brand? Review this checklist.

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We work with lots of newer businesses which have a product line, a company logo, and a mission statement, but which do not have a complete brand. That’s completely fine; after all, branding is what we do. But… what is a brand?

Make your blog content stand out with custom artwork

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Stock photography or illustrations can be a great tool for bloggers and content marketers. It’s a good starting point, but custom artwork for featured images is more effective.

LectroFan Alpha Product Launch

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As the agency of record for Adaptive Sound Technologies, we owned the launch of their latest sleep sound machine for kids, LectroFan Alpha. The result was the brand’s most successful launch in history, breaking records for sales in the first month.

Product Line Imagery Refresh for Adaptive Sound Technologies


We typically provide product visualization for new launches, but in this instance we were asked to create a new set of images for a current product line: The original Sound+Sleep, the Sound+Sleep SE, and the Sound+Sleep MINI.